Thursday, January 14, 2010

Hourly Comic 1/12/2010

Hourly Comic Day is Feb 1st! Will you be attending?


JoeDissolvo! said...

..... I hate to play the mister continuity, but it says your listening to lady gaga, but its Katy Perry lyrics.

Doesnt make sense.

Claire F said...

Lady Gaga radio station on Pandora plays Katy Perry all the time. But youre right, it does seem confusing.

JoeDissolvo! said...

Continuity = Fixed.

Now i can sleep good tonight.

Dominic Davi said...

I kinda loved this one. I wouldn't have thought of it. A day in the life of Claire.

I didn't know you played sax!

5:49 made me laugh out loud.

11:08......nice....high five.

Great idea!