Wednesday, March 31, 2010

How I Made This! SS United States Book

Okay, without all the lies and excuses, I am WAY behind on my studio work. There is a new "comic" in the works, I promise, but I need a bit more time. SGC and some other projects have taken up a bunch of my time, so we are going to try something new here. Below is a step-by-step of how I made one of the artist books I had on display at SGC that people seemed intrigued with. So enjoy the pictures and things will be a little more together next week (although... no promises.)


Mock Up cover

Mock Up interior

Mock Up interior detail

The carved woodblock

The woodblock prints

Prints detail

The Boat block and prints

The Boat prints detail

The Boat prints cut down and painted

Silkscreen text added

Prints folded down into an accordion.

The addition of the steel covers

Boats added to print

Close up of pop-up Boat

Boat added to cover



marc gecker said...

Actually I would have preferred lies and excuses, love those lies and excuses, but am fascinated by the SSUS book. I feel like I walked into the middle of a movie though, what's it all about, what inspired it, how does it all fit together, it's cool as nails but what will the finished product look like? Woman doesn't live by comics alone so no lies and excuses are really necessary in my opinion and it's all good. Lies and excuses are also very creative and good and you can base a lot of art on them. I still remember the best excuse I ever made for being late, having to do with being abducted by aliens and the incredulous look on the audience I was lying to, but that's another story/lie for another day. Anyway keep it going. Your fan, Marc Gecker

Claire F said...

Okay, youre right. This needs some back-story to make any sense. Here I go:

I was given an assignment to make a site specific piece for a class with a partner from another school. We were given the SS United State as our location. Intially we had lots of ideas but because the boat is blocked off from the public, we had some difficulties finding a "site" to build something... long story short, I decided to make a book, since it needs no installing... you just show up with it!

The book is based on the idea that that I was trying to make the viewer feel sad for the boat. Once upon a time that boat was the fastest thing out there... but really for only a short period of time. Next thing you know something faster came along and nobody wanted the SS United States, so she was gutted, but since she was once a big fucking deal they labeled her a historical site and docked her. Sure people have tried to turn her into casinos and cruise ships and all other things, but shes so beat up it would take a mountain of money to fix her. So she just sits there... doing nothing. I really felt for this boat that just seemingly wants to die (in whatever way large steel vessels die...). So I made this cute sad little book so someone would feel sorry for the boat, instead of just standing around reveling in the glory of the american need for speed.

The last two photographs are the finished book. Steel coveres, little woodblock pop-up boats... the whole nine-yards.

I hope that helps things make more sense. I might of just made things more confusing...oh well!

Michelle Folkman said...

Thats a sweet project. Love the shot of the prints in the rack. I want bigger pictures!