Thursday, May 6, 2010

Portland- San Francisco - Michigan Sketchbook (April - May 2010)

Day late. So sorry.

Here are the pages from my sketchbook while I was away. I tried to draw once a day, but that didnt always work out. One page is missing, but since I wanted to work on the drawing more anyway, you guys will see it later.

Waiting in the bar/Quiznos at the Denver International Airport for my connecting flight. Trying to be good and not drink, so I just drew liquor bottles instead.

An ode to the glory that is Portland's coffee (secured from the diner down the street from our hostel) and a drawing of just how goddamn awkward I am at comic conventions (in my head). Stumptown was great but a little overwhelming. I got to see Craig Thompson talk about his upcoming book Hibibi (the drawing that is missing is a portrait of him) and got to shake his hand. Of all the moments, that was prob the least awkward of the convention. Yay me!

To get from Portland to San Francisco Jeff and I drove down the coast... in the pouring rain... for 15 hours... needless to say we were exhausted. Here is one of the rare time I have not drawn Jeff as a bear. I dont remember where the directions were to... I think to drop off the car at the Oakland Airport. So we'll just call these pages the driving pages.

My aunt lives on a boat in Alameda bay (how cool is that?!) and we stayed with her while in CA. All her stemware is plastic or metal because you cant have anything glass on a boat... it just breaks. We took the BART into the city one day and went to the Cartoon Art Museum. They had a really great exhibition on the depiction of the samurai in cartoons, including some really fab pencil drawings from Samurai Champloo. They were so wonderfully raw and rough. so good. MOMA was closed the day we were in the city. suck.

In the upper left hand corner is my sticker badge from my tour of Pixar. My tour could have ended shortly after receiving said sticker and I would have been happy. Toy Story 3 comes out soon and it looks to be pretty sweet, so yay for that. The rest of the page was drawn on the airplane ride home to Philly. I am pretty notorious for getting nauseous on plane rides, but this one was really bad. I was very close to vomiting, but I kept everything on the inside, thankfully. I am also notorious for drawing images of myself puking when I feel sick on airplanes. Gives me something to concentrate on besides my rolling stomach.

The page on the left is thumbnail sketches for some mini-comic thoughts I was having on the plane ride home. The page on the right is a drawing of moosy-battle as seen in the taxidermy displays in Cabela's in Michigan. Once we arrived back in Philly from the west coast we immediately hopped in a car and drove to Michigan for my Mom's graduation from U of M. That drive was actually nothing in comparison to the long wet nonsense that was the western coastal drive.

Now I am home and hopefully getting back to work. Today I am going to clean the studio and unpack and hopefully get outside at some point... See you all on Tuesday!

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