Wednesday, September 8, 2010

Burning through the romance pt 3 (Sept 2010)

Part 3 of atleast 6 (maybe 8...)

Im looking at having this all done and bound for BYOTY II at Little Berlin on Sept 26th. I will be splitting space again with the lovely Kelly Phillips and we will be canoodling with the comic fabulous that is Dre Time. Come out and see some foxy comic girls try to sell you something!


A.J. Derro said...

Alyssa and I are writing our own romance novel together, and I'm starting to read more of the genre to know what and how to write. Does Ann Rice's 'Lasher' count as a romance? It seems to have all the elements... Oh, and I need suggestions for what books to continue with to get a feel for it. Message me back on FB with your suggestions, k?

marcm said...

Where's this week's comix? It's already Thursday. I've started writing a romance novel now, working title: "I gave you diamonds, you gave me a disease."