Friday, November 26, 2010

Lying your way into Heaven pg3 (Nov 2010)

Someday, far into the future, I will figure out how to update this comic on time...

Hope everyone had a safe, happy and belly rubbing good Thanksgiving! :)

Now that the Holidays are sliding into the "PRESENTS" part of things, might I remind you all to check out my Etsy? Just a suggestion ;)


marcm said...

That's funny! I really like the idea of your inner 4 year old sitting next to you on the seat talking to you; great concept for an entire comix series that could run for the next 50 years. Need a co-writer?

marcm said...

BTW; if your strip stirs the inner 4 year old of anyone you know to go visit Disney, we have a fabulous, luxurious, beautiful timeshare a mile or so from the park (ask Jeremy about it) and we can rent it to them cheaper than a bad motel would charge, so tell them to call me.