Friday, November 12, 2010

Young Love: Act 2 (Video): Nov 2010

Young Love: Act 2 (boy loses girl)
Boy: Dan Fitz
Girl: Dre Time
Grip: Matt Wilkie
Lighting: John Verdejo

Here is the 2nd video in a 3 part series I am working on. You can find part three >> HERE. Part one is in the process of being scripted, but even when its done, you guys wont get to see it for awhile, but I will tell you why.

The whole video series, Young Love: A Romance in Three Acts, will be on display at the Delaware Center for Contemporary Art from May till early July 2011, and the curator there has asked me not to put the whole series on the internet for mass viewing. Originally I considered not even posting Act 2 but before I ever talked to the curator of the DCCA I was planing on showing you guys the finished 2nd part. So I am still going to give you that, but part one will be unavailable until AFTER my show comes down and then I will put all three together and we will go from there.

This just means you all should burn to see the whole film so badly, that you will trek out to Delaware to view it. Trust me... itll totally be worth it.

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