Thursday, September 22, 2011

ALRIGHT GUYS! This is a BIG post in an attempt to make up for all the posts I've been missing lately. Sorry if anyone suffers a crazy load time...

1.) Mice Recap
Last weekend I was in Boston with Kelly Phillips and Che Salazar of C3 Productions and we got our tabling on at the Massachusetts Independent Comics Expo (MICE)! We had a blast, sold some comics, met some new friends and get some sweet swag! Here is what I picked up: (picture to follow once I find my GODDAMN CAMERA CHORD)

Pandora's Box by Ken Wong: This comic is fascinating and tons of fun to play with! Its a comic on a folded box structure based on the story of Pandora's Box. As you read the comic, you have to open and interact with the box to get the whole story. Needless to say my book making nerd was wigging out all over this comic. My favorite part of this book is the leap of faith you have to make in order to read the whole comic... just like Pandora you have to open the box, not knowing what's going to happen. Once you open the box will you ever be able to fold it back up again? Luckily Ken Wong (a super nice guy!) rewards our curiosity by giving us instructions on how to refold the box inside the box! Although I'm still not sure how I'm going to store this comic on my book shelf... ;)

Teen Bean: How My Self-Esteem Was Drama Clubbed by Cara Bean : I first ran into Cara Bean's work in This Isn't Working: Comics About Ex-Boyfriends from Paper Rocket Comics and loved her adorable style and intense attention to detail. Amazingly she was at MICE and I got to trade with her for another one of her comics! She was so nice and so cute... I have no idea why she draws herself as a stumpy bean cause she is neither stumpy, nor a bean. This particular comic is about her telling a student about her most embarrassing high school moment when she participated in the school play about teenage pregnancy. Yes, its as silly as it sounds and well worth the read!

A Very Helpful Guide to Gaga by Laurel Leake: I am a HUGE Lady Gaga fan and have fantasies about some day writing a comic about how I found her and how she has assimilated herself into my life... so I bought Laurel's comic to act as inspiration for my own zine and I ended up with the silliest, most excellent homage to Gaga I've ever seen. She recaps Gaga's videos from Just Dance to Alejandro with her own interpretations as to the meanings of Gaga's visual content. Its funny, gorgeous and totally on point.

Questions by Loony-Brain: I acquired this comic when the owner approached me and wanted to trade for a copy of A Real Romance. Always ready for a trade, I agreed and ended up with one of the more powerful comics I've read in a few years. Loony-Brain has created an informative comic about her Multiple Personality (according to her comic I shouldn't call it a Disorder, so I'm doing my best not to) where she goes page by page, answering the questions she most commonly runs into. I was BLOWN AWAY by this comic. I really wasn't prepared to think about a different reality than my own and this comic is a very through illustration of a reality I never even knew could exist in our world. I'm doing a terrible job of describing this comic, so just go buy it from her and read it. Then tell me you read it and lets talk about it... cause lord knows I come up with new thoughts about it daily!

2.) Mail Art Recap
At my last few tabling events I have started selling 'FUN MAIL' for $1. People write their address on an envelope and I take them home, make something fun and then send it to them! Theses are a few of the pieces of Mail Art I have sent out. I'll let you guys see what else I make and mail out once I'm sure that the art has arrived at its new home. I dont want to spoil the surprise on the internet before it arrives in the their mailbox! If you guys are interested in some 'FUN MAIL' drop me a line or come visit me at my next tabling event!

collage, mat-board, pencil

fabric, collage, embroidery, silk flowers

fabric, collage, metallic ink, gauche

3.) New Collage!

4.) Paris Travel Journal Pages

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