Wednesday, October 12, 2011

A Bear and A Kitty Cat (A Love Story)

This week I give you a complete short story I put together for my boyfriend Jeff (the bear) while I was in Paris. More of A REAL ROMANCE next week!

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AJ Derro said...

GREATGREATGREATGREATGood! The four greats in rapid succession are for the inclusion of furries, or something similar, the house - because a house is just SO much better than an apartment - the two Xs on different continents in the background, and the fact that the wine glass went from half full to mostly empty as Happy Kitty became sad kitty. And the good is for the whole message of the thing. I like how absence makes the heart fonder, and it kind of reminds me of Pam's trip away from Jim to New York. One last thing; consider adding a Facebook share option. Although I think... ... Yeah. :-) Never mind that last bit.