Sunday, November 6, 2011

A REAL ROMANCE (pg 3) and some Fun Mail! Art

Sorry about the lack of punctuation guys. When I cleaned up the scans I lost some of my dots and didnt notice till it was too late and everything was uploaded to the internet. You'll just have to make them up in your mind!!

Here is a few pieces of fun mail art! Enjoy!

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AJ Derro said...

Number one (1) - Assplay can be fun, but generally only when both partners want it to happen, and it's gentle - at least when you're starting.

Number two (2) - Barney had it right. Everybody does their share. There is no women's work, and there is no men's work. There's work, and people do what they can do.

Number three (3) - Hair beats bare, any day of the goddamn week. And it's not unsanitary unless you really suck at taking a shower.