Sunday, October 5, 2008

Some responces to my work

In my critical discourse class ( i made a presentation of slides of my work and then my fellow class mates responded on the blog. I'm going to compile them here for easier reference.

Angel O - your registration is tight. the word "anal" comes to mind. it's a good thing. a lot of people don't understand what printmaking is and think you work with newspapers or magazines. haha. you're a process queen. you make it look easy. good job.

Andie - PROCESS. I know you love it, so keep doing it. I'm glad you've finally found some imagery that you find interesting and personal. I know your paintings of glass were beautiful, but when I heard you say that you didn't care about the actual image, I was hoping you would move on. And you did. Good. I have to say that you are quite skilled at facial expressions and body posture. I want to see more of those drawings and prints with the thought bubbles. They're very witty and I think you could make some really important commentary in a small amount of text. You're already doing that to a certain extent, and it's really working out for you.

Ashley - It is interesting for me to watch you work because your process is the complete opposite of mine. Your constantly observing, thinking logically, and always seeming to seek perfection. The patience you have with your process is admirable. Out of all your work I enjoyed your video the most from last semester. The one with you breathing in the bathtub. That peice seemed to transcend to a different level. There seemed to be a lot more beneathe the surface than what I see in some of the prints.

Christine - Oh, you. You and your toasters...literally. Your flying toaster has this magical storybook quality to it. And by showing that first, all of the rest seemed to follow in that way, in a narrative. It looked like pieces of your life in a modern fairy tale. I also remember you talking about how you create pencil drawing mockups before creating them in print. I agree that you have a better outcome by doing this. You have a great strategy. I just have a suggestion for you to try. I was wondering if you ever thought of a background for your figures? Perhaps that may help the narrative along, if any?

Samantha Lynch - I respect the fact that you are as anal about your printmaking as I am with my wood pieces! Though some people look at this as being debilitating, I think of it as a gift that helps in making your work so successful.

Katie Brown - I accept your marriage proposal, but if you want kids, its going to be up to you to birth the cretins. But as for your art, its fantastically fun. When I have spare time (haaa) I'm so going to make you a stuffed toaster. I wish I knew more about printmaking so I could offer you more opinions. And... you should keep doing metal work.

Stacia - There is a humor and oddness to your work that really draws the viewer in. I love the toaster as a symbol of feeling the void. I feel most artist use an object to create some kind of representation of a feeling or and event in their lives. I like the quality of the color in your prints they feel the most resolved. I encourage the humor with in your work because I think it’s going to make you stand out in the art world. I also could see a series of your prints turned into a book and sold in Urban Outfitters.

Allison - Your prints are so simple but there’s so much going on in there, whether it’s the humor behind it or the hundreds of millions (I tend to exaggerate a bit…) of layers you put into them. I feel that a majority of your work relies on the process it took to get to its final stage. I think it’s important to show work in different stages along with final pieces. That’s why it was great that you showed that one particular piece you did as both a drawing and a print. Plus I just love to see people sketches and ideas before they begin a painting or print etc.; I’m a creeper like that…

Fleece Pants - This new progression with your work is exciting. You have more concrete ideas about what you want to say and that fuels you. You know how I feel about your drawings and prints. I'm going to bed... and yes, your mom.

Lisa H - Your new prints are humorous and technically very clean. What do you mean your cannot register!? With that said, I actually prefer some of your prints that came out of drawing into print last year. I realize that might not mean much coming from someone who works abstractly, but you invented some pretty interested techniques. I think the background of your toaster in the clouds diptych is beautiful, painterly even. You are a good and knowledgeable printer, definitely keep printing, but I also think you should make more films and 3D work out of metal. I know it is hard to fit things into the schedule, but you have a talent in those areas that should not be wasted.

Sam E - This is kind of a repeat of print on thursday but anyways... you're registration is awesome!!!!! I love those subtle color changes you achieve, they make me think of gouache, not even print. Looking at your drawings compared to your prints, I think the work reads alot better with print and it's really your medium. I'm not really sure how I feel about the added text though. I forget who said it but you are really good body gestures and faces and alot comes off just in that. I personally feel no connection to the words so in I don't really care about them but that could just be me not relating to them. Don't know, just thought I'd share.

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