Sunday, September 27, 2009

Claire Folkman 2009 Portfolio

Video Work: (All aspects are self produced)
Senior Thesis Demo Reel:

For my senior thesis I chose to focus my attentions in performance video.  My performance videos are an artistic expression where I function as both director and performer, interacting in a constructed environment with selected objects.

When choosing concepts I wanted to illustrate in my performances I tended toward ideas of a more abstract and theoretical nature.  I liked to use concepts that are usually not part of the day to day vocabulary but are intrinsically understood through human experience. Through contact with the feelings latent in my performances the viewer hopefully comes to a new understanding about some aspect of their own experience.

All of my videos are framed around the shape, scale and abilities of the human form.  This makes the scale of the videos entirely based on a human scale instead of one that would make the performer appear diminished or enlarged.

I also chose to film my performances with a fixed position camera because camera movement can not only distract the viewer from the action being performed but also serves as a reminder of the abnormal situation before them.  If the camera is unmoving the viewer can focus on the performance and the existence of a camera is no longer consciously considered.  A fixed position camera also functions as a cropping device, giving me the ability to visually compose my performances.

Submission for Video Promo contest at

Honorable Mention 

2D Work:

CRIT, 2008
30" x 22" 

Epic Sore Throat, 2008
30" x 22"

Flying Free, 2007
Monotype, Woodblock
22" x 35"

For the Kids, 2008
Silkscreen, Woodblock
11" x 15"

Desperate, 2008
Silkscreen, Woodblock
"11 x 15"

Reasonable Reaction, 2008
Silkscreen, Woodblock
11" x 15"

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