Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Romance Novel Absorption (Jan 2010)

A book to go with each example:
Panel 2.) ANYTHING by Loretta Chase (incase you haven't noticed, im pretty gay for Ms. Chase)
Panel 3.) ANYTHING by Laura Kinsale (although if I had to pick just one I might go with Midsummer Moon... or Flowers from the Storm... or The Hidden Heart... hell, lets just go with all of them!)
Panel 4.) Potent Pleasures by Eloisa James(although this book did fall into the "Where has Claire been for days?" category as well..)


Dominic Davi said...

Ok...now I am for sure not going to pick up a romance novel. I have shit to do! Plus...I'm a boy.

However, this comic is excellent. I love your consistency. I envy it so.

Anonymous said...

Dominic Davi: Ebook readers are the way forward. You can read books without fear of showing people the oiled man-chest on the cover.

Karen H said...

Anonymous: There is nothing wrong with an oiled man-chest on the cover. In fact, that's what helps me decide to pick up a romance novel and definitely adds to my appreciation of said book.

Claire F said...

Here here! I especially love reading books with massive man titty on the bus. The subtle double takes are great!

Read your man meat covers with pride! I know I do! I do it for the old me who used to be ashamed and covered my books with wrapping paper in high school. I hope some day I can inspire someone to throw off their shame and read with public abandon!

Heloise said...

The comic is awesome but visiting here was all worth it just for the phrase, "..read with public abandon!"
Thanks Claire F!

Susan Blexrud said...

Love the comic! So true! As an author who has an oiled man-chest on all her covers (ahem!), it's what's inside (the cover of the book AND the man) that counts. I'm a romance junkie, but right now I'm having a difficult time putting down Water for Elephants by Sara Gruen. Though not a romance as such, it's a powerful, compelling read.