Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Alternative Comic Conventions (April 2010)

Okay, so here is the long list of links needed to go with this comic:
Wine in NYC with awesome comic ladies: http://drawlikealady.com/
My friend, Kelly Phillips: http://www.kellyphillips.net/

Not so sure how the Thursday update is gonna go, since I have NOTHING PREPARED but we shall see. I have to do some serious video editing for a show im going to be in, so maybe ill give you guys a preview of that... oh the suspense!


marcm said...

Do the attendees pledge allegiance to R. Crumb and the spirit for which he stands, one nation, under Mr. Natural, with liberty and squinkiness for all?

Claire F said...

Oh say can you see, by the black and white photocopy zine? What so proudly we stapled, at the TVs late-night gleaming...