Thursday, April 15, 2010

Encyclopedia P preveiw

Incase you guys didnt know, I did my thesis in performance video (if you back track far enough in the blog youll find my demo reel, which has samplings of my thesis films on there). Even though Ive been making comics, Ive also still been working on making videos. The video you see above is my latest one and is part of a collaborative piece that is going to be in a show in Philadelphia.

Warren Holzman (the blacksmith I write public art proposals for) and I worked together to create a piece for the upcoming Philadelphia Sculptors show called Art Between the Covers. For this show, sculptors were asked to use one or more volumes of an encyclopedia to create an art object. I created a film in which I recreated entires from our Encyclopedia (volume P) using available objects and locations and then edited them together in alphabetical order. Warren then created a "porthole" in our encyclopedia through which my film is viewed on a video MP3 player (which is why the video quality is kinda crappy). Below is a drawing of what the encyclopedia with the porthole looks like.

I feel that our piece illustrates the concept that without a literary context, alphabetical is not a rational organization method.

If you want to see the piece in real life (the porthole in the Encyclopedia is so awesome looking) come to the show! It will be on view from May 30th to June 13th at the University of the Arts in Philly! Ill let you guys know all about the opening once I find out about it!

I hope you guys arent too disappointed this isnt a comic... Tuesday there will be a comic, so dont lose hope! Also, a warning: I am going to be on the west coast from April 22nd till May 4th, so comics might become sporadic while I'm away, but Ill do my best to make sure you guys get pictures, or doodles or something while im gone!


marcm said...

Claire; I'm not sure if you realize it but defacing or destroying an encyclodpedia is an offense punishable by 20 years in the electric chair, akin to tearing the tag of a mattress that says "do not remove this tag under penalty of law." Because of your great kindness to me during my recent stay at the warehouse I'm not going to turn you in to the authorities, but I should be in Philly during the exhibit and I'm looking forward to coming to see it. In the meantime girl, step lightly, out here in the wild west law and order is kept at the point of a gun and if'n these fine folks get wind of your lawless behavior, well, who knows what they might do. These are fine, law abidin', Sarah Palin backing, salt of the earth, common clay types; you know, morons. Whoops, that was from Blazing Saddles, it has no relevance here, I was just rambling. Sorry! (Lack of sleep)

Claire F said...

Mel Brooks would be proud.

(im trying to think of another Blazing Saddles quote to toss out, but everything the comes to mind is INCREDIBLY racist... and its best I dont do that type of thing here, i think.)