Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Know your Phillies players (April 2010)

We forgot Ibanez. Oops. Sorry this comic is a little Philly-centric but this moment TOTALLY HAPPENED. Exactly as ive portrayed it here. Including the point-n-laugh. No lie.

So im leaving for Portland (AND STUMPTOWN!) on Thursday, so the update will be up late Wednesday night. After that ill do my best to get you guys pictures of my fabulous trip, but I make no guarantees. Im on vacation... partying comes first, comics second. ;)

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marcm said...

We have three tickets to see the Phils play the Dbacks this Friday night. Ask Jeff if he can make it here and he can go with us, take the third ticket. Don't forget Richie Ashburn, always there in spirit. Does Jeff know the story of how he hit the same woman with two foul balls, the second one when she was on a stretcher after getting hit by the first one? A legendary Phillie story.