Thursday, May 13, 2010

Comic Convention To Do List one page book (May 2010)

So you maybe wondering why this comic looks a little odd? Well thats because its a one page book! Hooray! Im trying to point myself in a direction artisticly where I use the structure of the one page book to create my comics. Below the cut you can see what the comic looks like as a book and get a link to the pdf of the book for printing. (As always, if you arent sure how to fold up a one page book, check out my swanky little instructions >> here.)

Now i have come questions for you, my lovely readers. Id like to keep exploring this one page book idea a little more frequently, but the books take a little longer to make. This means that my update schedule might need a little tweaking. My thought on the whole thing is to keep updating two days a week, but only have one comic per week. Tuesday would be the book format comic (with everything all upside down etc.) with link to the pdf and then Thursday would be the photoshop edited comic (like the one you see above) so that you dont HAVE to print and fold up the book just to read the comic properly.

But I really want to know what you guys think! Should I stick with the two day update schedule but cut down to one comic? Should I cut down to once a week but a big post (like todays with all versions of the comic for viewing) or should I try to keep up twice a week with a new comic each update? If i go that route I can pretty much guarantee I will miss updates left and right, but I could try!

Opinions? Anyone? Bueller?

So, Google Documents apparently hates me and wont let me upload the pdf for printing. Ugh. So, if you want to print out the book and fold it up PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE email me. (clairefolkman [at] gmail [dot] com) and ill email you the file quick like a bunny. Once Google Docs stops hating Ill upload the book there but until then...

Can anyone recommend a good file sharing place? A free one perhaps? That would be awesome.


Anonymous said...

I vote for the twice a week option myself.

Michelle Folkman said...

I like it - good obstruction

Anonymous said...

The one page book thingy is a cute medium... but I don't have a printer so my vote is for the old-fashioned electronic comics!

marcm said...

I love hasaidic female monster killers, just can't get enuf of 'em, sign me up for that one. No vote for me, too busy packing, now in the final stretch, will catch up when I'm settled in new home. It all looks good but too brain fried to decide.