Thursday, June 24, 2010

Back Zits (June 2010)

I am a one page book! Print me out >> HERE!

Not sure what a one page book is? Go >> HERE!

Sorry for being a day late. Lots of run around yesterday... you guys know the deal.

NEED SOMETHNG FUN AND FUNKY TO DO THIS SATURDAY?! Well then come on down to the Magic Garden Summer Soltice Festival on 10th and South st from noon till 6pm! Ill be there selling one page books (both folded and unfolded!) and having an awesome time! Need more info? GO HERE!

If you cant make it this saturday, remember I will be at the Philly Alternative Comic Con on August 8th! So dont despair!

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A.J. Derro said...

Hey Claire! It's A.J. :-) I wanted to tell you that I made a one page book for my girlfriend a few days ago and her reaction was different than I had hoped. She is very smart, accepted to Welsley with a full ride and all, but for some reason she had trouble with the one page book. She kept trying to take it apart and reading the script from two pages as if it were from one page... Since you make so many one page books, I was hoping you could help me make mine more user-friendly. Hope all is well, still enjoi each comic you put out.