Wednesday, June 16, 2010

MUGGY (June 2010)

I am a one page book! Print me out >> HERE!

Not sure what a one page book is? Go >> HERE!

Thankfully our muggy spell broke, but last sunday it was HORRIBLE. Like walking around in a wet washcloth. ugh.

Just to let you pretty people know, the art thingy I had on sunday (which I posted about below) I ended up getting Runner Up for Best in Show! How awesome is that! Maybe now I can grow up to be a real artist someday! (ha!)

ALSO I have table space at the Magic Garden Summer Solstice Art shindig on June 26th on South St. THERES MORE INFO HERE! I will be selling one page books, zines and some prints. Stop on by and make it worth my while to be involved in this nonsense!

Did you know today is Capt. Picard Day? Here is a sweet flash page to commemorate that >> CHECK ME OUT WHAT WHAT!


Jodie said...

Congratulations on best runner up!

marcm said...

I missed you yesterday. It's still muggy, always is here in the summer. Arizona on the other hand is dry heat, little humidity, no clouds, the sun is hotter than the fires of hades though and it's still 99 degrees at midnight. The solution is to get real rich and Maine in the summer and Key West in the winter, so keep drawing, first runner up today, grand champion tomorrow.