Tuesday, December 9, 2008

Some posts to bring things up to date part 1

everything is different now in my studio. seriously. but let me back up and start where I left off.

I finally got my artist statement off the ground after lamenting about it to jeff and he gave me some really good perspective on my work. After talking with him I wrote this:

"The hero's journey is one of self discovery." - Joseph Campbell

I lead a regular life. I experience common triumphs and tribulations: Irritation with my superiors, frustrations with my significant other, longings, desires, elation, confusion. Yet my outward reaction to these things rarely parallels my inner reaction and I find that I am constantly holding myself back. The psychoanalyst Sigmund Freud would call this my superego restraining my Id. My awareness of my Id forces me to acknowledge that I keep it in check. This awareness also gives power to my Id, sometimes making it difficult for me to ignore my desire to lash out. Since I do not wish to offend or upset others I must release these emotions in an expressive and nondestructive way: Drawing. My drawings are simply my Id personified.
I am a child of Saturday morning cartoons and comic books. I know them to be a place where the laws of society and gravity do not apply; a place where an anvil to the head is not a omen of instant death. These mediums have inspired in me a visual vocabulary with which to personify my Id. I have found that my outlandish reactions are best communicated through the already outrageous vocabulary of cartoons and comics.
In observing my work the viewer is able to identify their own seemingly insane impulses. I seek to help people learn to acknowledge their Id because as Freud would suggest, the constant suppression of the Id eventually leads to societal destruction. Unlike Freud, I do not seek to cure my Id but merely embody it. By acknowledging my Id through drawing, I have come to terms with all aspects of my personality, both good and bad. By allowing the viewer to observe the thoughts that remain repressed in my daily life, I give others the ability to notice this action in themselves.

"Lucky girl, living a life of passion and violence" -[movie title here]

I still have yet to figure out what movie that quote is from, but i can totally picture the movie in my head. very frustrating...

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