Tuesday, December 9, 2008

Some posts to bring things up to date part 2

Shortly after (or possibly before...i don't really remember) writing my artist statement i made a video/installation for my Installation and Performance class.

You can see the video here:

This video is then projected back onto the chalkboard i had written all over at life size. I've shot a video of the full installation, i just haven't gotten it off the DVR tape yet.

In this piece i'm talking about the writings of Jean Baudrillard and his theories of Simulacra. I made this piece before I really had any idea what I could do with video or where I wanted to go with it. I simply told myself that I was going to use that chalkboard and those suitcases in an installation about Simulacra, and this is what I came up with!

Shortly after getting rave reviews about this installation I became EXTREMELY dissatisfied with my self portrait prints in studio. They just weren't going anywhere and I was getting very frustraited with them. So Alice (my studio teacher) asked me a whole stream of lame soul searchy questions and informed me that I should make more videos. So, i manipulated my way into the slide room in the school library and made this next video on the Sublime:

I got a fare amount of flack about the music in this video and after some consideration i think i agree with them. While it does add to the mood, you almost spend more time paying attention to the music (which i didn't make) than to the video (which i did make). But whatever. water under the bridge....

Yesterday, i finished shooting my next video on the body. I'm going to finish up editing on it soon (since its due on thursday) and then get ready to shoot another one.

I'm really enjoying making these videos and its what i want to focus my thesis in, but man oh man, I have no fucking idea what i'm doing.

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Hugh Bowie said...

i saw it without the song. but i like it better with the music. just do.